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Displeased with the situation, and because they gave such a blurry shipment date for the 2 TH/s revised miner, I additionally asked them to cancel my order if this discount

was not feasible. . Great deals on, bitcoin, calculator! Total to mine, payback period, period, difficulty. Amazon Appstore for Android. I sent a response the same day, saying that I would accept immediate delivery of the.6 TH/s miner if at the very least I would get refunded the same discount that was being applied at that time, which only seemed fair. Got your shiny new asic miner? Gox and consequently lost it when the exchange collapsed. I sure hope they can pull it off, though. Well, I still. Wondering when it will pay off? Vendor: Bitmine Product: CoinCraft Desk (1 TH/s) Price tracking including shipping: 5,758 Order date: 28th Nov, 2013 Anticipated shipping date: February week 1 Actual shipping date: 2nd April Delay: 7 weeks and 2 days Status: Delivered on 7th April With a delay of almost two months.

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