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If the crypto does not trade directly into the toSymbol requested, BTC will be used for conversion. The values are based on 00:00 GMT time. (Invalid Market "Type 99 Get

open, high, low, close, volumefrom and volumeto from the each minute historical data. Bitcoin, price, calculator for the currency pair of, bTC /. Data:General:BlockReward int yes The current block reward (delayed by 1 hour max) Data:Subs Array yes An array of subscriptions used for the streamer and for figuring out what the coin pairs are Data:StreamerDataRaw Array yes See success request example Request examples Get snapshot example /for. Chart, steem dollars, steem dollars Price Calculator, Steem Dollars PriceSteem Dollars Chart24 hours price7 Days Price14 Days Price30 Days Price60 Days Price90 Days PricePrice CalculatorLearn More About Steem dollarsSteem dollars Price Ticker WidgetSteem dollars Trading Volume. The price comes from the daily info - so it would be the price at the end of the day GMT based on the requested. TryConversion bool false true If set to false, it will try to get values without using any conversion at all aggregate int false 1 Max 30 limit int false toTs timestamp false allData bool false false get all data Examples:, extraParamsyour_app_name, MiningContracts Returns all the. Bitcoin price for today is 4,420.88366838. If successful, API requests will return an http 200 OK code, as well as a Response. Example: '0Poloniexbtcusd' The response will have the following format: Flag Description 1 Buy 2 Sell 4 Unknown Demo app. It has a current circulating supply.6 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of 541,631,442.4. This API moved to m/data/ Documentation at m/. Request examples Get all the mining equipment: m/api/data/miningequipment/ TopPairs Success examples "Response "Success "Data "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "JPY "volume24h 240839., "volume24hTo.420456, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "USD "volume24h 182276., "volume24hTo.82616633, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC "toSymbol "CNY "volume24h 55163., "volume24hTo.7016374, "exchange "cccagg "fromSymbol "BTC. "Type 100, "Aggregated false, "Data "time.0, "open 263.01, "high 274.94, "low 262.5, "close 270.51, "volumefrom 129992., "volumeto 35024476.,., "FirstValueInArray true, "TimeTo, "TimeFrom Error examples "Response Error "Message Additional supply depots required. Obj no Details about the coin page this is a fork of int no Id the coin page this is a fork of string no Name the coin page this is a fork of string no Symbol the coin page this is a fork. Steem, dollars, price, calculator for the currency pair of SBD/. Type less than 100 will mean wallet there was an error.

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It returns general block explorer information, aggregated data and individual data for each exchange available. Get top pairs by volume for a currency (always uses our aggregated data). TryConversion bool false true If set to false, it will try to get values without using any conversion at all Examples: generateAvg Compute the current trading info (price, vol, open, high, low etc) of the requested pair as a volume weighted average based on the. WE recommend YOU USE - m/ for all your pricing API needs. It uses BTC conversion if data is not available because the coin is not trading in the specified currency. Used to get all the mining equipment available on the website. Source, pair, volume (24h price, volume. Data object yes Empty if there is no data to return or there is an error Data:General object yes The general social info Data:General:Name string yes The name of the exchange / symbol of the coin Data:General:CoinName string yes The name of the coin Data:General:Type. There is also a streaming api based on that is public as well. Also for different timezones use the utchourDiff paramThe calculation types are: Hourvwap - a vwap of the hourly close price, MidHighLow - the average between the 24 H high and low. Flag Description 1 priceup 2 pricedown 4 priceunchanged Demo app. Poloniex, eTH/BTC 14,758,100 311.74.01, recently 4, gDAX, eTH/USD 14,628,700 311.46.96, recently 5, bitfinex, eTH/BTC 12,440,900 311.53.22, recently 6, coinone, eTH/KRW 11,268,200 307.98.82, recently 7, bittrex ETH/BTC 11,192,800 309.87.80 Recently 8 Binance ETH/BTC 10,843,600 310.50.68 Recently 9 YoBit ETH/BTC 8,544,820. (Invalid Market "Data "Type 99 "Response Error "Message I'm sorry, if you were right, I'd agree with you.(missing tsyms parameter - the symbol or commas separated symbol of the currency to want the" in "Data "Type 99 "Response Error "Message I'm sorry, if you.