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Hours ago AntPool. Hours ago AntPool 125. Hours ago p 209. Bits, difficulty, chainwork, fields, general, height, hash. Bitcoin Block Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about.

Hours ago AntPool. Hours ago AntPool 125. Hours ago p 209. Bits, difficulty, chainwork, fields, general, height, hash. Bitcoin Block Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about. Sarutobi, bitcoin game that we have covered a while ago. Reward (USD size (kB size Limit (kB version int. Total input (BCC total input (USD total output (BCC. Public, bitcoin, aPI: Machine readable stats blockchain info can. It is essentially a visual gamified VR Blockchain explorer where you can can see real time Bitcoin transactions fall from the sky in the form of gems you can grab a gem to see the transaction details or shoot them with a Bow and Arrow. Yobit: 351 USD ( 19:37:09 UTC) hitbtc:.074 BTC ( 20:47:25 UTC) bitfinex:.075 BTC ( 21:15:34 UTC) bittrex:.076 BTC ( 21:05:19 UTC) poloniex:.076 BTC ( 21:10:02 UTC) kraken:.075 BTC ( 21:13:27 UTC) livecoin:.073 BTC ( 20:42:08 UTC) liqui:.075 BTC. Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine. Exchange, cryptocurrency exchange is a service to buy and sell bytecoins for bitcoins. Votes, coinbase Data, coinbase Data hex, tx #. Transaction Value 165.48 BCH (56,026 USD) Median Transaction Value.3 BCH (778.94 USD) Avg. There have been 15637 blocks mined since the hard fork. Blockchains ; Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash. Hour ago.

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Org/ BitcoinTalk 7160 posts Nodes all/active 0 / 0 Most common User Agent Days Destroyed card last 24h / Total Bitcoin Cashs.91 21:16:08 UTC Google Trends for "Bitcoin" Contact: Donations: BTC Advertising Privacy Policy / Disclaimer. Hash, time Ago, miner votes, coinbase data Hex, transaction count. Mining pool, mining pool is a mining service, which allows multiple users combine their mining powers to generate one wikipedia block and split the reward. Bitcoin VR is a free application for both the HTC vive and the Google Cardboard platforms, so you can download and try for either VR Blockchain explorer if you have any of the two at your disposal. Inputs outputs destroyed (CD input (BCC. Transaction Fee.085 USD Median Transaction Fee.018 USD Bitcoin Cash Fee Histogram last 24h Block Time (average time between blocks) 16m 10s Blocks Count 494,195 ( 20:54:55 UTC) Block Size.922 KBytes Blocks last 24h 108 Blocks avg. Per hour (last 24h) 42,494 BCH (14,386,949 USD) Avg. Version hex, version bits, median Time, merkle Root. As a result users get smaller rewards continuosly compared to solo mining. Per hour (last 24h) 5 bitcoin Reward Per Block.500.01321 BCH (4,236.54 USD) Reward (last 24h) 1,3501.43 BCH (457,546.42 USD) Difficulty 91,080,818,284 -4.06 in 24 hours Hashrate 556.832 Phash/s.82 in 24 hours Bitcoin Cash Mining Profitability.8217 USD/Day for 1 THash/s Top 100 Richest 3,341,619. It is interesting and fun to see a different perspective of the transactions that is taking advantage of VR technology, even though it is not terribly useful it is still worth checking out. Hours ago ViaBTC.

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The original mining chain has blockchaininfo grown.41GB more than bitcoin the Bitcoin what Cash blockchain. Bitcoin VR has been developed by MandelDuck, the same guys that did the. Per hour 257 Bitcoin Cashs sent last 24h 1,019,852 BCH (345,286,769 USD).12 market cap Bitcoin Cashs sent avg. (5257 bitcoin blocks ahead of the original chain). Block explorer, block explorer is a service which helps browse Bytecoin's blockchain and the information it contains.

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Bitcoin VR is an interesting Virtual Reality application available for bitcoin the HTC Vive VR headset as well as for the, google Cardboard VR platform available to Android mobile device users. Height, hash, mined on (UTC time elapsed, miner. Input (USD output with (BCC output (USD fees (BCC. Hours ago Unknown. Total output (USD total calculator fee (BCC total fee (USD) Fee per kB (BCC Fee per kB (USD) Miner reward (BCC Miner reward (USD) Technical Size (kB) Size limit (kB) Version int Version hex Version bits Median time Merkle root Bits Difficulty Chainwork. Block Details, height, age, miner, block Size (kB) minutes ago, unknown 229.