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What works really well on a cycle like this is fronting up to who/what is so heavy and complicated. Close to Sunday 25th June, Ceres in Gemini reminds you that

you have to compromise over the project, trip, foreign connection, relocation, course, idea, concept or technology. And if you made a mistake with someone or something, can you wind it back? So too, are state secrets. Grant Thornton forecast various scenarios, the base case being a 500 Bitcoin price which would see it needing to raise funds again by September 2017. Essentially, when couples marry, it is until death do us part and that may be part of the story for you. More importantly, unions, political parties, teams, clubs, societies, associations and other structures in your life may be too much. Foreigners, travel, WEB, education, publishing Ever since Saturn first entered Sagittarius on September. This was a staggering piece of synchronicity that changed astrology. You may also have to get real about the book trade. The transits of the Sun and Mercury now, and very recently Mars (May) in your opposite sign suggest a story which has been building for weeks. Do you know exactly who and what you are dealing with? Wall Streets anxiety about iPhone delays is growing. It may be different hours or days. Test what you have constructed in your life, to deal with who/what is against you and so marked by his/her own fears. Travelling, moving, dealing with foreign places and people (or those in your country, but foreign to you) and even the basics of the worldwide web has been hard work. The golden rule with the cycle you are experiencing now, is to ask yourself if what you are doing/thinking in order to make yourself safe, is actually helping you. Bank of America Merrill Lynch on Wednesday slashed its forecast for full-year shipments of Apples. (If you know your personal chart and have Cancer factors, you can double that message). French politicians voiced concerns yesterday that a planned multi-billion dollar merger of the rail assets of Alstom and Siemens could give the German company the upper hand. But you do need new rules and new agreements to co-operate sincerely with him, her or them.

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People do all sorts of funny things if they are worried about getting pregnant; worried about not getting pregnant; worried about sex. A new 50p coin celebrating Sir Isaac Newton can be snapped up by people visiting his birthplace and family home from this week. This is now very true with the internet, of course, but perhaps it has come to pass with matters which might be loosely labelled Communication in general. Its time to talk, how to buy bitcoin with paypal coinbase or time to sign. Now, you are having a cycle which triggers these questions about who owes what to whom spiritually, emotionally as well as who owns what! This is very common on this cycle and we all have this particular astrological rhythm in our chart, at some point. This is very telling. Aquarius, if you really want this to work long-term with him, her or them you must come up with a scrupulously fair arrangement that everyone can stick. The astrologer Sue Tompkins associates Saturn with being under-defended or over-defended. The results will be sweet. What they inherit/what you inherit is the stuff of June. General Motors and its joint venture in China, Shanghai GM, will recall more than.5 million vehicles due to faulty airbag inflators, Chinas top quality watchdog as said.