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Prosthetics Assistant Radiation Therapy Technologist Ophthalmic Technician Audiometrist Dialysis Technician Electrocardiograph Technician Electroencephalographic Technologist Radiologic Technologist Cardiopulmonary Technologist Perfusionist Electromyographic Technician Polysomnographic Technician Angiogram Special Procedures Technologist Cardiac Catheterization Special

Procedures Technologist Ct Scan Special Procedures Technologist Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Special Procedures Technologist Stress. Job industry: medical industry, other job descriptions: Manual Arts Therapist. Hematology Technology/Technician, hypnotherapy/Hypnotherapist, massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage, medical Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiation Therapist. Degree: industrial arts technology, industrial education, manual arts therapy, vocational rehabilitation/counseling/work adjustment/evaluation. Pheresis Specialist, immunohematologist, pulmonary Function Technician, holter Scanning Technician. Music Therapy/Therapist, nuclear Medical Technology/Technologist, occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene, occupational Therapist Assistant. Manual, arts Therapist career! Treat patients with disorders like stuttering or inability to talk. Dance Therapist, industrial Therapist, physical Therapist Assistant, orientation And Mobility Therapist For The Blind. Education: Master's, salary: 43,000 104,000, respiratory Therapist. The information on this page will generally apply to all careers in this category but may not specifically apply to this career title. Check out the job description, job outlook, salary, and how to become. Electrocardiograph Technology/Technician, Technology/Technologist, emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic environmental Health. Outlook: Good, education: Master's, salary: 54,000 108,000. These college majors are closest related to this career (actual program names will vary from school to school). Manual Arts Therapist : Instructs patients in prescribed manual arts activities to prevent anatomical and physiological deconditioning, and to assist in maintaining. Education: Master's, salary: 43,000 104,000, physical Therapist, help patients recover from physical illnesses, injuries, or surgeries. Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician, communication Sciences and Disorders, General, Dance Therapy/Therapist, dental Assisting/Assistant, dental Clinical Sciences, General, dental Hygiene/Hygienist. Dental Laboratory Technology/Technician, dentistry, diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician.

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Is Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondar the right career path for you? Jobs In Medicine And Health therapists manual Arts Therapist, manual Arts Therapist: Instructs patients in prescribed manual arts activities to prevent anatomical and physiological deconditioning, and to assist in maintaining, improving, or developing work skills: Collaborates with other members of rehabilitation team in planning and. Physical Integration Practitioner, corrective Therapist, respiratory Therapist, jobal Therapy Assistant. Cytotechnologist, dental Hygienist, nuclear Medicine Technologist, orthotics Assistant. Outlook: Good, education: Associate's, salary: 40,000 73,000, speech-Language Pathologist. What Should I Major in to Become a Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondar? Chief Radiologic Technologist, biochemistry Technologist, microbiology Technologist, orthotist.

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Animal-Assisted Therapy, art album Therapy/Therapist, asian Bodywork Therapy, audiology/Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist. Teaches, tattoo by means of actual or mining simulated work situations, activities, for example woodworking, photography, second metalworking, agriculture, history electricity, and graphic clientline arts. Speech Therapist, teach people how to speak more clearly. Recreational bitcoin Therapist, horticultural Therapist, art Therapist, music Therapist.

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Audiology/Audiologist, behavioral Aspects of Health, biostatistics, blood Bank Technology Specialist. Clinical Dietitian, consultant Dietitian, teaching Dietitian, teaching Supervisor Medical Technologist. Skip to content *A job as a Manual Arts Therapy Teacher falls under the broader career category of Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary. Occupational Therapy/Therapist, orthotist/Prosthetist, perfusion Technology/Perfusionist, pharmacology and software Toxicology, Other, pharmacy Administration and Pharmacy Policy and Regulatory Affairs Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration, Other Pharmacy Physical Therapy/Therapist Physician Assistant Physiology, Pathology, and Related Sciences, Other Public Health Education and Promotion Public Health, General Rehabilitation. Work with patients who have difficulty breathing. Prosthetist, cytogenetic Technologist, histotechnologist, medical Radiation Dosimetrist, medical Technologist. Nuclear Medicine Chief Technologist, chief Medical Technologist, chief Cardiopulmonary Technologist. Take the MyMajors Quiz and find out if it fits one of your top recommended majors! Epidemiology, health Occupations Teacher Education, health Policy Analysis, health/Medical Physics. Research Dietitian, chief Dietitian, dietetic Technician, community Dietitian. Cardiovascular Technology/Technologist, chiropractic, clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist, clinical/Medical Laboratory Assistant. Prepares reports showing development of patients work tolerance, and emotional and social adjustment to aid medical personnel in evaluating patients progress and ability to meet physical and mental demands of employment. Job Description for Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary : Teach courses in health specialties, in fields such as dentistry, laboratory technology, medicine, pharmacy, public health, therapy, and veterinary medicine.