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Data object yes Empty if there is no data to return or there is an error Data:General object yes The general social info Data:General:Name string yes The name of the

exchange / symbol of the coin Data:General:CoinName string yes The name of the coin Data:General:Type. (maybe in v2 add the rest of the fields for the cryptopian as well?) URL Parameters Parameter Type Mandatory Description id int yes The id of the coin/exchange you want social data for Return data account relative path (without m) of the coin page this. For more example code click here. To the, poloniex, terms of Use. Ad, xMR/BTC, buy / Sell Instantly! Business 4 portal, B2B B2C. These changes are effective immediately and apply to all. You can obtain the cookie by logging. Please try not to use. We encourage you to review our Terms and familiarize yourself with the changes that have been. Sign in, if you dont have an account you can create one below by entering your email address/username. I love how @Changelly_team has no limits and awesome fees when going from crypto to crypto. Those who had BTC in their account balance on 8/1/17, 13:16:14 UTC have been credited with matching BCH. We currently have 4 API servers so in effect the limit should be around 4k request per hour, just under 1 every second. "Type 100, "Aggregated false, "Data "time.0, "open 263.01, "high 274.94, "low 262.5, "close 270.51, "volumefrom 129992., "volumeto borsa 35024476.,., "FirstValueInArray true, "TimeTo, "TimeFrom Error examples "Response Error "Message Additional supply depots required. Chart, monero, monero Trading Exchanges, coins You May Be Interested.

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